By: Andrew James

Have you ever been shopping for something and then suddenly you see the same product popping up in ads everywhere you go?

That’s called retargeting, and you can do the exact same thing for your small business.

One study found 97% of people who visit your website for the first time end up leaving without buying anything.

Here’s how to get them back with retargeting ads.

1. Pixel

Facebook Ads and Google Ads both have Pixels, which are lines of code you can add to your website.

These pixels let you run ads to anyone who’s visited your website.

This is important if you want to build an audience of customers and non-customers.

2. Post-purchase

You can retarget your customers with ads designed to keep their trust and assure them they made a good decision to work with you.

Some examples of retargeting ads to current customers could be video testimonials and product demonstrations.

3. Second chance offers

If someone went to your website but didn’t buy, show them an ad with a special offer.

For example, “Extra 10% off if you call today” or “Now offering same-day appointments.”

So set up retargeting on your website, and turn more visitors into customers.

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