By: Andrew James

It’s pretty rare that a customer will buy something from the first interaction with a brand.

In fact, it could take up to 7 interactions before that person trusts you enough to spend their money.

So here are 3 ways to have a better follow-up process with potential customers.

Number 1: Act FAST

The business that reaches out first will most likely get the sale.

So as soon as someone opts in or shows interest in your offer, send them a text within 5 minutes.

Introduce yourself, and put a real human behind the name of your business.

Number 2: Qualify

In the conversation with that new prospect, ask them what motivated them to reach o

Was it something in the ad that caught their attention?

Or a pain point in your message that resonated with them?

By asking them “Why”, you’ll qualify that prospect, and be able to tailor your solution to their specific problem.

Number 3: Automate

Ideally you’d want to manually reach out to every single opportunity, but that’s not always possible.

So add technology to your follow-up system with automated text messages and email sequences to help prospects gain trust in you.

Do this and you’ll build genuine connections with potential new customers, and everything will scale as your business grows.

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