By: Andrew James

A study by Manta found that 50% of small businesses feel they’re not getting a positive return on investment from Facebook.

Either because they’re wasting money boosting posts and not getting customers, or they’re wasting time trying to build their page organically and very few people are seeing the content.

So here’s how you can start seeing a positive ROI from Facebook.

1. Run cold traffic ads.

These are ads targeting specific interests, or to people in your serviceable area.

These people don’t know who you are quite yet, or know what you have to offer.

The goal with cold traffic ads is to generate interest and start conversations.

2. Run remarketing ads.

These can be to anyone who has visited your website.

Make sure you’ve added the Facebook pixel to your site so you can build an audience of visitors to run these ads to.

The goal with remarketing ads is to turn website visitors into buyers.

3. Have a call-to-action.

People have a lot of choices, so your ad needs to have an offer that’s worth clicking on, and taking action right away.

But they won’t take action, unless you tell them what to do.

Always close your ad with a direct call to action, such as booking an appointment, calling your location, or coming in to claim a special offer.

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